Saturday, February 27, 2010

Late Fracturing News

There has been a very large earth-quake that has hit Chile. It is said to have been 8.8 on the Richter scale. It was at the foci of the movements of three tectonic plates: the Nazca Plate and the Antarctic Plate pushing against the South American plate and South American Plate pushing back. We have a "situation" in our area that could well clobber us: The Pacific Plate is heading north and the North American Plate is heading south - with the small Juan de Fuca plate, in the Western Oregon area, trying to make a way for itself in the squeeze from the other two. The Doser views with alarm!

March of the Seasons

The Doser wonders if we'll have a March summertime now that we've had a February springtime.

Cheap Shot?

Right-minded people all over Oregon will heartily approve the anti-bigotry community action in Grant County, Oregon. The Doser, additionally,gives thought to the owner of the targeted property in economically-stressed John Day, Oregon. Is it a shot from sanctuary for people simply to bring community opinion to stand up for what they think to be right? Note the approval among urban dwellers of the increasing numbers of wolves; note the multi-nation pressure to stop the forest-burning in the Amazon basin; note the mountain of disapprobation we pile on erring political or sports figures. Note that on this Grant County event, we right-minded Portlanders can have a rewarding expression of our high-minded opinions free of charge.

Free enterprise down to basics.

A Portland merchant has raised competitive purchase of clothing to a new level. The Doser now understands how many people that he sees select their costumes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Works

The Doser supposes that all cities, like Portland, are gratified when gad-fly Jesse Jackson comes in to polarize them on a problem.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Generation Gap

The Doser had two major generation-gap experiences in the last few days. One went well as an exchange of how the recent technology has altered the way we live. With the other, it was perceived as an admonitory remark. In both cases, the younger person (everybody is younger than the Doser) had returned from a trip and the Doser asked about the trip. In both cases the response was: "I have a CD with all the pictures of the trip." Well, okay, that means we can all crouch around my computer monitor and look at the photos. The Doser commented: "That certainly exemplifies the way technology has effected us. In my day, the returned traveler would describe the trip orally." One saw the point and described her trip orally. The other felt dragooned into describing her trip orally. Which shows that it pays to keep one's mouth shut only fifty per-cent of the time.

Best Defense: Choice of Stupidity or Naivete

It appears now that the Baby Borrowing Baptists dealt with a representative that resembles an international human trafficker. (The Oregonian has an article on it this morning.) What all their conduct looks like is absolutely not to be believed as what the Haitian government is investigating them for! All of the clandestine, criminal, manipulative, unsolicited acts that they have involved themselves in are surely what they claim them to be: religiosity untempered by common sense. The Doser urges you to figure it out for yourself: can you really believe that a mixed bag of Baptists from Meridian, Idaho, would go all the way to tormented Haiti to steal children for slavery?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Out of this World

That bunch of Utah Baptists that ripped off, illegally, 33 Haitian kids do not look like child-traffickers. They look to The Doser like a bunch of clue-less fundies.