Sunday, August 23, 2009

Over-charged; under-served.

Well, the US is just not getting much bang for its medical buck! Except for Canada and France (who spend just a tad more than half what the US spends for health care) we spend twice as much as all other G20 countries. And here is the down side: the US ranks just above Hungary for bottom position on countries who did not live up to their predicted life expectancies. The way that works out, The Doser notes, is that the US pays a lot more and it doesn't help its people live better.

(True to form, The Oregonian doesn't have its current newspaper on line yet, so The Doser's reference to the source needs to be the labored one: The above information was reported August 23, 2009, in The Oregonian in a front page story by Andy Dworkin entitled What's so Special about Health Co-ops? The statistics Dworkin uses are from the WHO.)

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