Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not obligatory to prove Mr. Bumble correct.

It is illegal in our Western Culture for a 46 year old man to have to do sexually with a 13 year old woman. (The reference being made is to the crime confessed to by Roman Polanski regarding his sexual conduct with Samantha Geimer.) Clearly there were places in the world where the age disparity between them was not considered a matter of illegality. Perhaps,also, her lack of consent was a legal and not an actual circumstance. It is therefore arguable that the act itself may not have been wrong in an abstract, non-legal, sense. "Wrong" is not as cut-and-dried as "illegal." In thinking it over, The Doser thinks it may well have been wrong because of the imposition implicit in the disparity of their social positions at the time. But, now, thirty years have gone by! Add to the passage of time the circumstance that the now-43 year old woman has been asking the authorities to drop the charges against the now-76 year old man. Ignore the make-weight issue that he's a very productive movie-maker. Putting aside the fact that many people do not agree with Mr. Bumble and believe that what is "illegal" is "wrong." The Doser asserts that a wrong is not made right by the passage of time - but, in this case, opines that it has been made ignorable.

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Anonymous said...

I think he is a bumb and he should be sent home and tried even tho the woman(girl) has forgiven him. What a jurk!!!