Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Lost Drug War

NO, it is not Mexico's failure to kill enough of its citizens to prevent drug flow into the US. NO, it is not the Customs people who fail to catch the transporters of money and weapons into Mexico to fight the Drug War there. NO, it is not the fault of our Border Patrol to prevent illicit drugs from coming into the country. NO, it is not our penal system that fails to rehabilitate drug-pushers. NO, it is not the overburdened cops in the US and Mexico that aren't stamping out the traffic in drugs. NO, it is not community failure to provide alternatives for the gangsters that are doing our local drug deliveries. NO, it isn't even the fault of the gangsters who sieze the opportunity to profit from the trade. WELL, asks The Doser: what's the problem here? WE, THE USERS, ARE THE PROBLEM. THE WHOLE PROBLEM.

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