Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The mother of the pirate that survived the mishandled piracy of the Maersk Alabama has addressed a plea to President O'Bama: ".... release my son or at least allow me to see him and be with him during the trial." The Doser thinks President O'Bama should be magnanimous and say: "Yes, you may visit your son during regular visiting hours and be present in the court room during his trial." It is even possible, of course, that some knee-jerk may pay her passage over to this country in the event her son has run through his loot from any piracies of other vessels. The Doser just learned that, if our prosecutors are successful, this pirate will be sentenced to life imprisonment - at our expense! Maybe President O'Bama should be merciful and say: "He's on his way home."

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