Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It is absolutely no rational objection to say of our penal system that we shouldn't try other systems because ours is working so well. Thus, even one that comes out of left field may be considered. This one is out of left field.

So, what about this?

1. Sentence every convicted offender to the maximum penalty provided under the law.

2. Make a determination whether this offender is intractable or dangerous. If either is the case - off to the pokey. ("Intractable" is an easy call: this program is explained fully to him and if he refuses to be involved in it, he's intractable. "Dangerous" is a much more difficult concept and initially would be determined in a hearing beyond conviction like the one available now.)

3. If the offender is not intractable or dangerous, he is given an exhaustively thorough life-examination. An elaborate schedule that reflects how the offender would live if he did not commit criminal acts would be devised. A set of rules rather like a very-detailed probation program would be designed for him.

4. The offender would then be presented with the schedule/behavior program. If he refuses to be bound that way - off to the pokey.

5. If the offender accepts the schedule/behavior program, he is fitted with a "short leash" device.

6. The schedule and behavior program is frequently and regularly monitored.

7. If the offender gets off the schedule/behavior program, he is called to give account. If he can't give reasonable account for his failure - off to the pokey.

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