Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belief in the unbelievable.

The fact is that the two types of thought on any political issue are needed. Sound political philosophy assures us that both conservative and liberal inputs are needed for us to proceed in worthwhile directions. Both are required to preserve what is good and to go for what's needed. As usual, we are in dire straits and we need the input of both opinion areas.

But, just when we need the conservative intellectual expression, it has disappeared and the right wing has turned itself over to the ranters-and-ravers. The conservatives are not furthering the process of commonweal; they are providing intemperate, disorderly, rude contributions and actually promoting harmful conduct. Comparing President O'bama to Adolph Hitler, saying that the health package contains provision for death committees, saying that President O'bama has no strategy for Afghanistan because he doesn't send immediately the 40,000 troops requested by the military, encouraging people to act out their hatreds.

President O'bama was right, initially, to try to draw some of his program's intellectual adversaries into bi-partisan debate and support but there simply is no intellectual element there any more. The Doser's opinion is that The President realizes there is nothing there and he is now simply trying to get a few votes from the less turbulent ones.

The Doser notes that the long-in-the-tooth are fairly solidly supportive of this madness. Q: How can the elderly put any belief in a group that has the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Joe Wilson, Lou Dobbs, Frank Luntz and Bill O'Reilly as their spokespeople? A: They have come to believe that O'bama's program will cost them some of the program support upon which they have relied and they are so angst-ridden, they are persuaded to believe the unbelievable.

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