Monday, September 7, 2009

Black pot; black kettle.

The Oregonian published two articles today that, to The Doser, seem related. The first, a front page blurb headlined: "Booming American business: arms sales." (Double entendre intended?) The US, it was reported, dominated the international arms bazaar by cornering 68.4% of the business in 2008. Its arms sales totaled $37.8 billion. The US for example provided 71% of the arms purchased by "developing countries." The second article was in a squib-collection column on page two under the heading: "Briefly." It reports that Jacques Monsieur, a fugitive arms merchant was arrested in New York. The crime alleged was seeking to buy fighter jet engines for Iran. M. Monsieur is said to be wanted by many countries for "....shipping military supplies to trouble spots around the world...." Putting those two reports together causes The Doser deep stirrings. Patriotism when reflecting on the US providing all those arms only to peace-loving, untroubled, nations. And indignation with regard to that Monsieur scoundrel who provides arms for "troubled" nations.

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