Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cry Big Bad Wolf!

It's easy setting up a black-white situation - one side settles on "yes" and the other side settles on "no." It seems to The Doser that the black-white scenario is in danger of being enacted in Eastern Oregon. The issue is the wanted/unwanted presence of wild wolves. The conservationists say that there should be wild wolves in the area. The ranchers say they are paying a price for the plan in slaughtered livestock. Here is The Doser in Portland supporting the wild-wolf plan. There is a rancher in Joseph who is having to finance the plan - at least in part.

How would it be if the State of Oregon controlled the sport killing of deer so that the wolves could have their natural prey and, then, reimbursed the ranchers for stock proved to have been slain by wolves.

Well, you say, that's a compromise for which the deer-hunters must pay. (It is their fee support, and legislative support, which is vital to the Oregon Wildlife programs.) Okay, we need a reasonable compromise for that one!

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why do we need wolfs