Friday, November 20, 2009

Too hot to handle.

The recent spurt in growth of the venerable bristlecone pines raises questions about warming.
Of course it is not denied that such evidences of global warming tend to show that there is global warming going on. The diminution of polar ice and the advance of conifer forests into the tundra, and a number of other processes, show that there is global warming. The sticking point for the objectors is their view that it is not emergency-type global warming of which we are the cause but just a run-of-the-mill natural cycle of warming. When we are causing an atmospheric effect that results in global warming, when global warming has occurred at an increased rate recently, it seems to The Doser that we must curtail that conduct whether it is causing the global warming or exacerbating it.


Anonymous said...

Has the Daily Dose slept through the articles that the man made global warming was a hoax. Why no coment that the Al Gore croud was phoney and made it all up

Daily Doser said...

The Doser also has failed to pull the covers up over his head to eliminate our fiscal problems.