Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Move On

The Doser:
1. Liked the passage of the Health Care Reform.
2. Worries about the solid (176-0)Republican mind-set.
3. Heartily approves of the import of the O'Bama-Biden moment of rapport. (The front page of The Oregonian is characteristically unavailable so The Doser hopes you saw the picture.)
4. Wonders, like everybody who listened to the spate of horror stories about "socialized medicine" operation, how much therapy-delivery will be curtailed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jim! Do you think, now that its passed, we'll find out what's really in it? Having been the recipient of government run health care for the last 19 years, I'm sure you'll understand my lack of enthusiasm for the passage. But it is the law. Lets see if it meets the intent. I would be happy to find out the Pres was right and I'm wrong, than the other way around. Robbie