Monday, March 30, 2009

Answer to "What Shall I Read Next?"

The Doser's idol - Leonard Pitts, Jr., has published a list of books about African-American history that he values. It is to be hoped that The Doser is the only person in the world who has not read any of them! How can we understand our history if we don't know anything about what our neighbors consider to be history? Here is the list: "From Slavery to Freedom" (1); "Mirror to America" (1); "Before the Mayflower"(2); "Slavery by Another Name" (3); "This Was Harlem"(4) (4); "Been in the Storm So Long"(5); "Trouble in Mind" (5).

The authors numbered are: (1)John Hope Franklin; (2)Lerone Bennett 3) Douglas Blackmon (4) Jervis Anderson (5) Leon F. Litwak

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