Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to Solve the Drug "Problem"

The Northern Mexico town of Ciudad Juarez was invaded the other day by 1500 of the Army troops of the Mexican government. The deployment is now increased to 9000 troops. There has been deep-seated police corruption and drug warring going on. There were ten drug-related slayings a day in Ciudad Juarez until the Army came. The Army didn't invade the area because the town folk were rebellious - the pure and simple fact is that the demand of US citizens for drugs has completely destroyed the decent purposes of the city. The Doser suggests that we have exported the evil demands of our drug habit to much of the area south of our borders. We have pretended that it is their problem: they produce the drugs, they smuggle the drugs into our country, they sell their drugs to us illegally. It is time that we recognize a simple fact: it is our problem. It is not their problem. It is time to clear our streets of drug-gangsters, to clear the drug felons out of our prisons, to relieve our police officers of our useless drug enforcement program. The Doser challenges you to think it through and figure out for yourself what we have to do to get out of this mess.

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