Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just when things seem unbearably grim, there seems always to surface some comic legislator that brightens us up by suggesting a piece of asininity. One of them, following Multnomah County's feckless initiative, wants to require restaurant operators to put on their menus the amount of calories involved in their food offerings. First, Do we believe obese people will be put off if what they want to eat is noted as high caloric; Second, Isn't everybody who is interested in calories fully aware of what is highly caloric? Third: How many restaurants can afford to add a dietitian to provide those entries; Fourth: Can the high end restaurants afford the additional cost of preparing a "Please ask for our calories menu:" Five: Who is going to enforce it? Sixth: How high are the fines that sweet reasonableness would tolerate? Seventh: Who gave these busy-bodies the right to extend their already overly large turf? Eighth: Who cares?

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