Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Watch the Ball.

We are flummoxing ourselves! We are determined not to keep our eye on the ball. Take, for example, Health Care. Rather than do that, we prefer to watch the Gates "issue." Last night, the woman who called in the 911 about the supposed Gates house-breaking was on national news with a featured program segment making her "defense." How does it come about that she needs a nationally-reported "defense?" Tomorrow, The Doser surmises, her aunt in Peoria will report that the person who called in was always trained as a child not to be a bigot. The next day, the aunt's next-door neighbor can come on and tell that the aunt is a highly respected woman in the neighborhood and that she should be believed on the non-bigotry testimonial. The day after that, we'll hear "breaking news" that the neighbor was in the news just three weeks ago saying that a boy from the neighborhood who was convicted of serial rape was "such a good boy." This assertion will be juxtaposed to the statement of the serial rapist's girl-friend who will be featured wondering who the "neighbor" was since the serial rapist never lived in that neighborhood and on.... and on .... and on. Or another example is the interminable procedures surrounding the death of that talented twit. Is some coach telling us: "Don't keep your eye on the ball?"

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