Monday, December 7, 2009

A Bygone Saved is a Bygone Earned.

The Doser notes that we are scarcely startled by the reality that we have transferred our willingness to lynch black people into the willingness to torture Islaamic people. In fact, it would seem, that we are so anxious to suppress our comprehension in this regard that we call our attention to our shame only in somewhat remote publications. One of them is: Art Journal in its Summer 2005 edition. In that Journal, Dora Apel reminds us of what we seem so determined to forget.

The main-line journals that we read have commented calmly upon our torturing of prisoners. Some got out on a limb to speculate if it might be illegal or, somehow, not permitted. We even engaged in a national colloquy on the subject of whether drowning a person just short of killing him was actually "torture." Our media has not viewed with alarm or followed up on the implications.... Nor have we....

The author of the article in Art Journal doesn't do that. She lays it right out. We've been following our national bent to humiliate, denigrate, mutilate and lynch black people - and we've done it again. We've been humiliating, denigrating, mutilating Islaamic people. Bush and his minions told us it was OK and we did it and accepted it - and, now, we are willing to let bygones be bygones.

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