Thursday, December 31, 2009

Equal and Opposite Reaction.

The Doser wonders if we are really doing well in defending against the attacks of persons who hate us. What seems to be going on is that they make an attack using air-planes and we respond by putting all our energies into protecting air-planes. The use of the terrorist's underwear has caused us to respond by installing elaborate body-sensors. Too late, in both responses. Now it does seem that the persons who hate us are planning ahead on how next to damage us. We've been saying: "By golly they got us that time, we'll stop that gap in our defenses." What it seems to The Doser we should be saying is "What are they likely to be planning next and let's attempt to prepare for that eventuality." They seem to be acting and we seem to be re-acting.


Anonymous said...

just a stupid thought--- we all get on the plane naked so they won't have to take so long to permit bording! Serious, we are in a mess and they know it!

daily doser said...

We go through the detector and a person whom we'll never see again looks at a diagram of what half the people in the world, if fortunate, have. This is balanced against what is a perceived threat of dying in an airplane. The Doser thinks it's downright precious to whine about the privacy issue.