Monday, December 28, 2009

The War is the Demon

Four states, including our neighbor Washington, are going forward with steps to legalize marijuana - and, by making those steps, are moving toward the termination of our preposterous "Drug War"

Not surprisingly at least one of the officials that benefit by the irrational "Drug War" puts forth a negative reaction: "There's no upside to it in any manner other than for those people who want to smoke pot," said Travis Kuykendall, head of the West Texas High Intensity Drug-Trafficking Area office in El Paso, Texas. "There's nothing for society in it, there's nothing good for the country in it, there's nothing for the good to the economy in it."

This person who benefits from the "Drug War" fails to note the human and financial costs, the devastating enforcement structure we've built, the way we have overwhelmed our judicial and penal systems with users and the way we have trashed our neighbors to the south with our efforts. He also fails to take into account two other realities: Marijuana has not been shown to be more dangerous than tobacco, which we subsidize, or coffee in which we are drowning ourselves. This is not even to take note of the fact that the "Drug War" has been a dismal, totally unpromising, failure.


Anonymous said...

Does the Doser also want ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, crystal meth and heroin made legal?

Doser said...

Yep, if the damn fools want to kill themselves with that stuff - just like other damn fools are willing to kill themselves with tobacco - why should the rest of us destroy our world to stop them?

Anonymous said...

after abusing their bodies, do we then pay for their health care costs, certainly they will have no insurance? What about kids? can they use these drugs? Actually probably makes sense to make legal, control and sell it. then we can tax the revenue and perhaps limits the gangs involvement with distribution. You are a dreamer. It will never happen.

daily doser said...

Yep - we pay for their health care costs just as we are paying for many that have destroyed themselves smoking tobacco. We have an idea in our country that we ought to take care of all kinds of damn fools.