Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post it before it's too late.

Well, it's early in the morning when a person is not protected by the comfy rationales the later hours provide. The Doser is willing therefore to ask a question that is going to show how dumb he is. The idea came out of the news that explains that corporations can now buy government benefits and personnel without restraint. (Something about assuring the corporations the Constitutional rights of human citizens. ) The urge to get a comforting rationale in place is already cutting in! It has been sixty years since The Doser took a course in accounting. (Incidentally, accounting was a course that he didn't understand very well.) If the Dosage is not blurted out soon, full common sense about not saying it at all will kick in. Here goes;

What if corporations were required to buy governmental favors with money taken only from net-profits-available-for-dividend-and-bonus-distribution rather than as a cost-of-doing-business?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jim,
As my son and I made our road trip from Texas to Georgia, I wondered how you'd feel about this. I have to wonder why one organization enjoy free speech, while others are limited?

Atticus said...

I saw a cartoon on the editorial page that ended the Flag Salute with "with liberty and justice for sale." Incidentally, the flag salute was written in 1892 for a Boy Scout celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Columbus voyage and if I remember correctly, the author was a socialist.

Daily Doser said...

Look - I know there are people that see a moneyed corporation as similar to a citizen and entitled to free speech. But The Doser really believes that the $5 that the human citizen takes from other uses of his discretionary money is different from the hundreds of thousands the corporate citizen can take from its cost-of-doing-business funds IS DIFFERENT not only in amount but in kind.