Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Someone did something senselessly egregious. The person used a gun to destroy some windows and lenses of the historic Cape Meares light house.

The Cape Meares light house is an Oregon heritage location and many people, including The Doser, have surely had life-directional experiences there.

"It's on the end of the continent. It's make it here or throw it in."

"What would it be like to be on tempestuous seas, out there, and come into the recognizable pattern of the Cape Meares light house?"

"That thing's there doing its job no matter how lousy conditions are."

"Wow - this is a bigger world than I thought it was."

"What a majestic, stand-up, useful, historic place with a view all-the-way-to-forever."

"Those lenses were brought all the way from France when France was much farther away than 13 hours."

"Probably the artistry that went into the making of those lenses contributed to the Hubble space-craft."

"Here I am in the face of this distance, this wind, this driving rain, those oppressive clouds, and I'm facing into it all just like that light house."

The candidate for tar and feathering who did that cowardly, destructive, miserable act must not have had any of those experiences.

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