Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dose of Penology

The Doser yesterday completed jury service on the criminal case: State of Oregon v. Nesta. It was a two-phase trial - first, trial of the crimes and, then, recommendations on the sentencing. Nesta was convicted in the first part of,among other things, Robbery and Aggravated Assault. The crux of his conduct was that he shot the unarmed lap-dance cashier (who was lying on the floor) six times during the course of the Robbery. The DA asked for the sentencing recommendation phase so that the judge, if she wished to do so, could impose a heavier than "standard" sentence. One of The Doser's questions is: how are we doing with our criminal justice system? Nesta is a narcissistic, 22 year old gangster, only part of a percentile short of being a psychopath by definition, a loser with a long history of over-reacting with excessive violence. He is a non-supporter of his "intimate other" and their child, no history of job performance, in and out of custody since teen-age. At the trials, he seemed pleased that a group of "other world people" were recognizing him for the major baddie that he thinks he is. What in the world do we believe that a long term in prison is going to do with Nesta?


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PS - I forgot to mention: He has completely rejected every (of many) opportunity to involve himself in a "program" of counseling, therapy, skill acquisition, religion, "how to get along on the outside" and all others offered.