Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smitten in Bend

Though it has not been proved by trial in court, it appears that (then) seventeen year old David Lee Simmons had to do with his (then) fourteen year old girl friend. Regrettable, The Doser opines, but not such an utterly uncommon conduct that the lad should be singled out for a two-year criminal hassling. Such was not the opinion of the Jefferson County District Attorney who punished Simmons without indictment and generally used his office to harass him for two years. That should give Jefferson County, Oregon, swains a reason to reflect on their ways.

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Robbie Seal said...

Georgia did the same to a teenage boy who did what teenage boys will do with willing teenage girls. I believe he was 17 and she was 16. Apparenlty he was old enough to be an adult and she was not... Not only was he placed in prison, but he now must register as sexual offender. Its a shame laws designed to protect children are used by those without common sense to hurt them. Have a rgeat day.