Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Misplaced Enforcement

Those murderous drug cartel people are establishing their nefarious bases of operation on United States soil! Though there is room for all, they are greedy and want to establish non-competition areas. That, of course, means that each have to kill off numbers of their rivals in order to insure their market share. That just adds another big burden to the assigned task of our drug enforcers. The Doser thinks we've got this all backward. Of course, venal men will come to supply us as long as we want the illicit drugs. Our current drug enforcement plan is to stop the "venal men." If we really want to stop drug trafficking, however, it is necessary to stop our use of it. Since it seems unlikely that we will move away from our drug habit voluntarily, it follows that our own drug demand is where we need to put in our drug-enforcement strokes.

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Atticus said...

Congress curtailed the CIA's budget about 30 years ago and the rumor was that they became involved in the drug trade to raise the money that they needed. If you believe that people that use drugs are bad people and that the money is needed to protect out country, it becomes a no brainer and probably to some, patriotic. Is any of this true? I don't know but some folks believe it. On the other hand some folks believe that basketball referees determine the outcome of basketball games.