Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Portland's newly-elected Mayor, Sam Adams, said some years ago that he was just mentoring Beau Breedlove, a young intern in a municipal office. That was a lie. He said, then, that he had not had sexual relations with Breedlove. He has,now, said that he had a romantic relation with him before the lad turned 18 but didn't have sexual relations until after he was 18. Since he has not been completely forthcoming on other parts of his account, one has doubts about this juvenile issue. Mayor Adams had "come out" quite some time before this "event," so that sort of self-protection was not involved. The Doser wonders. That's the problem with lying. There are grades of lying: He wasn't lying to protect someone. These could have been self-enhancement lies. Or were they to conceal a misdeed? What should Mayor Adams do now? What, if anything, should the people do now?


Anonymous said...

There are people who want him to stay no matter how full of imposition the act was.

Article of support of the mayor

Alopex Teumesius said...

Here are my thoughts about this !