Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good News

The Oregonian, in its January 27, 2009, publication, took a few, hesitant, very welcome, steps toward selecting more encouraging news. The Doser believes that we will begin to recover if we look up from our settled preoccupation with our current horrors. These were Portland area stories reported: (1) Portland Police officer, Gedemynas Jakubauskus, risked his life and saved a woman from a burning building. (2) The Metro Council and the Portland City Council are finally showing some good sense by thinking of putting a toll on the Bridge for Vancouverites. (3) Mayor Sam Adams decided to try to bury his repletely examined "past" under productive work for the City of Portland. (4) Even our dour Steve Duin wrote an "upper" about the Tualatin, Oregon, citizen process to oppose "city hall" on behalf of Tualatin community supporters, Jason and Fay Lee.

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