Saturday, June 6, 2009

The cost of illegal abortions.

This article describes what the anti-abortionists want for our sisters, daughters and wives - and theirs.


Anonymous said...

I think most anti-abortionist cry for the 1.3 million (CDC number) babies aborted every year. While our constitution guarantees the right to an abortion, wouldn’t it would be nice if that number was much smaller.

The number of unborn babies who die every year from abortion (1.3 million) is more than eleven times greater than the combined total of Americans who die annually from:
• accidental falls (12,000)
• drownings (4,000)
• poisonings (6,000)
• car accidents (40,000)
• suicides (30,000)
• homicides (25,000)

uigin3 said...

One does not talk about abortion being a good thing. One talks about it being a thing seemingly necessary to other people - who have the legal right to make that decision now and, if denied that right, will continue to decide to abort.