Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hate - Anti-abortion variety

Hatred of other people can be based on many issues. It exists in America in most of its historical brands - and we are an armed populace with protection to encourage action and freedom to act. Bill O'Reilly is an example of a Constitutionally-protected provocateur. He is, by no means, the only one. He is, however, the most highly-paid and most notorious. One of his biases relates to abortion. To air that bias he has, essentially, been saying: "Tiller, the abortionist, is a murderer of children, and he is protected by the government, but you (any one of three and one half million listeners) will be justified in killing him." O'Reilly has no connection (except through his rhetoric) with the crazed hater that went over and shot Tiller. It would be difficult to prove that Scott Roeder ever even listened to the O'Reilly Factor. In a recent Rachel Maddox interview, the dangers of the solitary McVeigh-like actor and the excesses permitted a broad-caster like O'Reilly are discussed. The conclusion is that O'Reilly is protected for saying those inflammatory things and that the ordinary laws (not anti-terrorism approaches) are the only protection from the results of his conduct.


Anonymous said...

You sound like quite the expert. Have you listened to O'Reilly?

The Doser said...

Yes, I have (several times.) For examples:

The Doser

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jim. Sorry I'm having to sign on anonymously, I haven't been here so long, I can't remember my password...

I have watched the various talking heads, left and right, and find OReilly to be one of the more fair minded.

You don't agree with his stance on this subject, that those that practice late term abortion without medical reasons are murderers of children.

If we are to accept your premise that OReilly's opinion provoked the sick person to murder the Dr, then surely, Code Pink is complicite in the murder of the young soldier outside the recruiting station?