Monday, June 29, 2009

Shades of self

This message,from Elon James White, threw some light on a core ignorance of the Doser. The thesis of White's article is that black people do not have common black-people thoughts and feelings. He ended his revelation with the following statement:

"I hope that my message is clear. After reading this, the next time you talk to a Black person you can feel comfortable in now knowing with every fiber of your being that you have no clue what they think or feel based on their skin color."

The Doser is reading Blackmon Slavery by Another Name - which, The Doser mused, seemed to give a believable explanation to why "black people seem, mysteriously,to be unable to succeed in the American system like other peoples (Asiatics in particular),newcomers who take to our system and succeed quickly in it." (The Doser confesses he actually said such a thing.) Well, that means the Doser just flat-out flunked the awareness test. That means the Doser rates high on the bigotry scale. There isn't, according to White's article, any group of black people. Just like the Doser is not a member of a white people group just so no black person is a member of a black group. With blacks, just as it is absolutely so as it is to whites, there is no way to say, "Every white person seems to........." No, just NO!

So, does this realization further the "cause of the black people?" Well, no, since there are no "black people," so they don't have a "black peoples' cause." How can they even be thought of to have a "cause." It does further the Doser's climb from bigotry, however.

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