Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a pat-on-the-back to the Oregon Department of Standards and Training. It demanded that Multnomah County Sheriff Bob Skipper meet the fitness training rules for Sheriff's employees. Correct! That was the rule that the legislature had provided for the Department's function. When Sheriff Skipper asked for a reasonable, fully warranted, waiver, the Department refused it. Correct! There was no legislative direction to grant a waiver under those circumstances. Correct! When The Oregonian pressed that the Department should rightly grant a waiver, the Department did not act to grant a waiver. Correct! The legislature had not directed the Department to respond to journalistic advices. The legislature changed the law to allow the waiver. The Department granted it. Correct! And, when The Doser thinks about it, he is enormously pleased. The Oregon Department of Standards and Training responds to the legislature that created it and not to other pressures, albeit rational ones.

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Anonymous said...

I also agree that it isn't that he go thru 17 months pf training when he doesn't go out to catch the bad guys but deals with them after they are caught.