Friday, December 19, 2008

Absolute opinions

Calculations, guesses, educated guesses, adages, informed guesses, certainties, assurances, faiths, decisions, judgments, thoughts, litanies, notions, suppositions, religious hand-downs, proofs, hypotheses, solutions, theories, convictions, evidence, religions, agnosticisms, estimates, judgments, decisions, reports, -isms, discoveries, opinions, firmly-held opinions, beliefs, -ologies, intuitions, gut-reactions, tenets, commandments, testimonies, and many other things that we have in our minds......are IDEAS. Whatever ever gave us the notion that we could force our IDEAS upon other people? Kill other people for them?

and on the side of economizing........

The Venezuelan National Assembly has favored the abolition of term-limits on the office of President of Venezuela. Think of all the economies that would flow from having a President selected for life!


Robbie Seal said...

Don't forget those that would kill us because we do not accept their beliefs. They are just as bad.

Its that time again. No... Not Christmas... Time for Soldiers to do what Soldiers do. I put my first load of Troopers on a plane today. I will follow in a few short weeks. This time seems strange to me, because I am used to being on the first load out. Guilt? Probably. Their families will miss them on CHrsitmas morning while I enjoy this one with my family. Yea... guilt.

As you spend the days ahead sprinting from one store to another, remember those that are away from their families and will not be here for the next. Say a prayer that they return safe and for those that do not, say a prayer for those they leave behind.

Atticus said...

Red ants and black ants battle over resources. Humans are all to willing to fight over our intellectual properties. Perhaps it is someway genetic. I don't understand it but if I did it wouldn't change anything. Safe journey and watch out for the camel spiders.

Alopex Teumesius said...

Mr. Seal

Take care of your “Troopers”. I can infer they are going to the “sandbox”. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

From what you are going through and have gone through, you have a real understanding that there are people and places in this world that would kill you and your family for having or voicing an opinion.

What a blessing we live in a country where we still have the right to disagree.

Thanks you for all you do for us.

Alopex Teumesius said...

The Bill of Rights protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, the freedom of assembly, the freedom to petition, and freedom of the press. These were also just ideas that brave smart people sacrificed their lives in order to insure we would always have these basic rights.

Given the opportunity would we make the same sacrifice to insure these rights.

Robbie Seal said...

Thanks, Alopex, and the answer is, "Yes".

The question is also whether folks would have the intestinal fortitude to stand up before it comes to that, or would they do as many do in some places, sit back until the knock comes to their door.

Doser said...

Rob - The fact that it is still news, rather than commonplace, when people ignore another in trouble is some indication that, if the demand were placed on us, we'd respond correctly.