Friday, December 26, 2008

Lady or the tiger

If O'Bama's theology-fringe preacher, Rev. Rick Warren, sticks with the issue: to do a prayer that hedges our bets on the new President, the "lady door" will have been opened. If, on the other hand, he prays his biases - a common prayer format - O'Bama will have opened the wrong door.


Atticus said...

Warren is an interesting fellow. I heard him interviewed when he compared his attraction to pretty women to gays being attracted to people of the same sex. Apparently he believes a married man with the hots for the babes to be the same as a single gay person looking for a partner. Obama selecting Warren was a surprise but it might be a better choice politically than choosing Jeremiah, Jackson or Sharpton.

Robbie Seal said...

I think people put a bit too much importance on this preacher and his prayer and I have to agree with Atticus, would Wright, Sharpton or Jackson be better?

What is the big deal? Who will be harmed if a man that does not support gay rights prays? Will this remove any rights we currently have? Is he to be silenced because his views do not agree with your's?