Saturday, December 6, 2008

End-of-Week thoughts.

It has been proved, by a preponderance of the evidence, that O.J. Simpson killed his ex-wife and her boy friend. It is clear that he is guilty of armed robbery. The sentencing judge stated that she was not "paying back" for the murder acquittal. The Doser thinks, nevertheless, that a sentence of thirty-three years is excessive.

The Big-Three bail-out is expected but it begins to seem less like an enormous reward for bad business conduct.

(bush) sez the Mid-east has entered a "historic and new" period which shows it to be a "freer, more hopeful, and more promising place." The Doser thinks it, nevertheless, wise of (bush) to buy his expensive retirement house in Dallas, Texas, rather than in the Mid-east.

In a recent poll, reported in the December 6, 2008, issue of The Oregonian, those polled indicated that 23% are reducing their giving to their pets this year and 40% are reducing their giving to family and friends. Good to keep your priorities straight even in these difficult times, the Doser says.


mjmack said...

How do you explain to your pet that he is not going to get much for Xmas?

Anonymous said...

Better he should set up in Cairo or Damascus or Beirut.

Alopex Teumesius said...

I am confident that even thought Oregonians will be giving fewer gifts to their pets; their pets will not retaliate and hold back their love and affection. Perhaps we can all learn from this.