Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Portland not an outlaw

Some of our self-perceptions here in Portland, Oregon, may even have a scintilla of basis in reality. The fact is that we think of ourselves as greener, more innovative, more tolerant, more socially progressive than other cities. There is, without doubt, a strong anti-Iraq War sentiment here. But, the Doser points out: we are not outlaws. Those who break the military and national laws by abandoning their military posts and running into hiding are outlaws. Those who protect them are outlaws. The City of Portland should reject the proposal that Portland be declared a sanctuary for AOL service personnel. The Doser's position would be much less comfortable for him if those outlaws had been drafted into the service.

and, on a happier note,.......

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a survey which ranks Burlington, Vt. as the healthiest city in US. It ranks Huntington, W.VA as the least healthy. The survey was based on peoples' responses to the question: Are you in good health? Notes that Burlington is actually a healthier place - but that it also has a larger per capita income. Money, of course, doesn't cause happiness but it sure makes happiness more affordable.

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Robbie Seal said...

I agree. If we used a draft, I could understand folks going AWOL. I will even go so far as to say that if a person joined before the Iraq War and decided that the war was against his/her moral code, I could see it.

If someone joined after the war started, then once they got orders to deploy that it no longer met their moral code, I have to raise the BS flag... What do they think they joined for?