Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Congressional Poker

The "High Rollers," had suffered two serious losses before coming to the table. The losses were caused by their feckless gambling strategy in the past and the second by the recession. Recently, they tried to get in the game with an IOU type ante. That "ante" was laughed at by the willing, but not gulled, congressional players. The "High Rollers" have, gamely, returned to the table, however, and have ante-ed up with a more-highly polished pot-sweetener. Whether the UAW will sweeten the pot is not clear at all. The moment is tense and the loungers around the table are watching to see if Congress will "Call" the ante amount, raise it, refuse again to accept an IOU, or throw up its hands .... again.

and, on a more or less hopeful note....

The President of the Bilial Mosque Association,Shahriar S. Ahmed, has excoriated the Mumbai marauders as having performed an unjustified "barbarity." He says that many Muslims agree with him and that "No good will come of it..." The Doser wonders if President Ahmed would be saying that if his mosque were located in Cairo or Damascus rather than Beaverton. (Report from OpEd The Oregonian, December 2, 2008.)


Robbie Seal said...

Hey, Jim,
Was out of town for the holiday enjoying family. At what point do you think our govt will stop bailing everyone out? I am hoping that at some point "Yes we can" will get the additional, "but no we won't". Hope your T-day was as good as mine.


Daily Doser said...

To brag a little on Oregon: our Governor Kulongoski is proposing putting money into the educational structure. Has three advantages: makes jobs directly; benefits education; and does not provide the feckless with a bonus for their gross errors.