Monday, December 1, 2008

Way to go!

The proper scheme of priorities on going from here to there is 1. Not go, 2. Walk, 3. Use a bicycle, 4. Take public transit, 5. Hitch-hike, 6. Share a ride, 7. Call a taxi, 8. Use your car. Wow! Do we ever have our behavior and expenditure priorities messed up!

and on a note of mixed hopefulness.....

Wal-Mart's profits were up 10% in the last quarter; Nordstrom's were down 57%. At least some people seem to be doing their consumer's part to defeat deflation.

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Atticus said...

I live in a rural area and my choices are to stay home or take the a car. If I am not mistaken, I support the bicycle paths and mass transit with my taxes.