Saturday, December 20, 2008

If no ox is gored, then what?

The Doser has been trying to get a grip on the pornography issue. It seems that, to hear of a man prosecuted for privately-viewing pornography, smacks of unacceptable social engineering. There may be consenting adults, probably a tad exhibitionistic, who are well-paid to satisfy their interest in being viewed while performing sex acts. They are certainly not manipulated nor coerced unacceptably. Not The Doser's cup of tea, you understand, but it is theirs. There may be other adults who want to watch that published activity and do not act out some harmful conduct as a result. Just a person involved in private sex. Not The Doser's cup of tea but theirs. The Doser wonders if the anti-porn laws aren't legislating in a social milieu without making adequate distinctions.


Alopex Teumesius said...

The only “porn” arrest I have every seen are normally in two categories

Viewing porn at schools or on work computers”
Viewing “child’ or "kiddie" porn,

Legal porn is the fastest growing and most profitably segment of the internet market. Internet Child porn regrettably is also growing because the internet makes it easy for pedophiles to trade and traffic in this disgusting material.

Personally, what people do in the privacy of the home is no ones business as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of children or the innocent. Child porn destroys lives and people who traffic in this should be punished.

Anonymous said...

no one has the right to use any child!

Robbie Seal said...

Amen on the child porn. Those are the ones who make me wish we had an exemption to the idea of prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

Not all adult porn is consentual. Unfortunately there are those who traffic in unfortunate women also. I'm not sure how one would distinguish between the trafficed victims or the consenting adults. I guess my answer is to not provide the funds for either. Its all I can do without infringing on the rights of those who do porn as their choice of vocation.