Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not good but short of bayudd.

Portland, Oregon, politics were really bayudd in the Old Days. Terry Shrunk failed the lie detector test on the issue of corruption and went on to become Portland's Mayor. Mayor Carson promised to cut taxes, used violence against longshoreman and remained in office as Mayor. Mayor Ivancie turned loose the enforcers against anti-war students and stayed in office as Mayor. Aspirant Commissioner Riley became Mayor in the face of City Club charges of "wide-open" gambling, prostitution and boot-legging. In 1924 all three commissioners were recalled even though they had heavy Ku Klux Klan support.

We live in such an effete age! All we get nowadays is a buffoon who lied about an affair with a youngster who was in a work position of relative disadvantage to him.

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