Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Particulary Pushing Papas

It is without doubt that certain fire and building regulations should be enforced for the sake of the public safety. It is likewise without doubt that the costs of enforcement personnel are not high on the money priority list of the city. But organized vigilantism, a la Randy Leonard, may not be the solution. A carefully controlled process of trained volunteers - who announce their arrivals beforehand and work under close supervision - might work. The selection of enforcement sites fingered by the police doesn't seem quite right, either. Something more random would be needed. The first "visit" should be a recommendation event and the building operator should be told when the "follow up" event will be. There should be an "enforcement bulletin" to all building owners reciting the sorts of infractions that are considered serious and why. The Doser can understand how restaurant owners, Ted and Theo Papas,could feel that they were being unjustly targeted.

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