Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rank hath its privileges - if very rank.

A lot of people consider an annual salary of $648 thousand dollars to be inordinate. It is, after all, $248 thousand per year larger than the salary given President O'bama. The Doser considers it egregious to give such a salary to the CEO of a seriously debilitated assisted living facility chain. But, there's more: in this case it appears that it was his mismanagement that sent the company down. That, however,is what the operators of Sunwest Management have done. They have awarded discredited CEO Jon Harder $54 thousand dollars a month! If Sunwest Management were a casualty of the "current down-turn," the operators could believe, in analogy to the bank bail-out program, that it will help us out of the problem to reward inability and venality. The situation seems to be, however, that he had caused the problem before the "down turn." (Some of us are not even strong in believing that applying money for such a bail-out is useful in any case.)

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