Saturday, November 15, 2008

Building up America

November 10, 2008

Economists and policymakers (whomever they may be) are turning away from the "quick fix" (bail-out) concept. They wonder if it is as useful as a program previously thought to be too slow: putting the money into reconstructing the infrastructure. Some will say "better to put the bucks into hiring people to build bridges than to pay the Wall Street bankers to binge on our bucks." Others will fret because it is seen, in effect, as the re-institution of the WPA which is "a socialist plot."

.......and in a confidence-building vein ......

There is developing some consensus among the ERC bloc (Elders for Restoring Confidence) that the first initiative is for each of us to select a politician and monitor his conduct. The expected result is that, when he does something that tends toward re-building our nation's confidence, ERC will give him or her well-communicated accolades. Yes, we can.

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