Saturday, November 22, 2008

Student's week-end spree

Nov. 22, 2008

These are the daily dosages from which The Doser would ordinarily have made selection of what to post. Since it is not a school day for The Doser, he has opined extravagantly.

1. We are still favoring consumerism, rather than thrift, in our bail-out thinking. One of the ways The Doser notices that this is occuring is that our buzz-word is "deflation" - i.e. what bad things happen to the economy when the consumers fail to consume satisfyingly.

2. The Iraqis are adept at utilizing symbols that rally their friends. That is a skill that the US is remiss in doing. The Iraqis recently toppled an effigy of (bush) from the very pedestal from which our troops pulled Saddam.

3. A group at Wright-Patterson AFB has devised a miniscule spy device. It is small enough to sneak, undetected, into a building and find out if there are enemies there ...... And to sneak undetected into a building to read one's notes, examine one's tax papers, to see what's on one's computer monitor and with whom we are talking...... Just eight years under (bush) and The Doser has developed this sort of fearful imagining.

4. When Franklin D. Roosevelt faced such a crisis as this one, which was similar in that the banks had fouled up then also, he shut the banks down. It was called a "bank holiday."Some time later, the banks that re-opened were the ones that had been the steadiest in the boat before the "holiday." Many did not open up again. It was terrible for the depositors! This process of ripping the citizens in order to keep alive the irresponsible banks is also a terrible process. There is, in our time of difficulty, a federally-insured deposit insurance to give some relief.

5. The Doser assumes that O'bama has made it clear to Hilary that she is the carrier of his messages to foreign governments - not the foreign policy maker. Has he also made it clear to Bill that he is not the Under-Secretary of State?

6. Bravo to the Portland Art Museum! We need to protect our treasures in order to sustain the culture - even in trying times.


Robbie Seal said...

What's the problem with the small UAVs? Wasn't Bush busted in the chops for not getting the intel to stop 9-11? Now folks are trying to figure out how to get into a room to get intel that could be used to stop the bad guy and you have a problem with it because it COULD be used to spy on US folks? If you want to use that stream of logic, lets get rid of tanks... Janet Reno showed they could be used against US folks...

Daily Doser said...

Rob - Devices are not innately harmful but only in how they are used. If one accepts the idea of a protected privacy, unauthorized and undetected invasions are unsettling. Tanks are too big to get into our houses without being noticed. All that The Doser wants for the spy-device (which is an amazing creation) is to define its permitted uses. There should probably be a control protocol for tanks also. JiMcG

Robbie Seal said...

Jim- There are laws governing the use of any intel gathering devices. The military cannot use those devices to collect on US folks. Heck the Intel folks don't even like to joke about it. That does leave the Federal agencies, but you don't need new toys to snoop on your own people. Heck, the Fed has been using the IRS (the REAL Secret Police) for years to try to quiet opponenets of those in power (both sides of the isle). Too much is available at your fingertips. Ask Joe the Plumber how his personal info hit the headlines. He was the target of of those NOT in power. If the govt wants info on you, they'll get it. Cool toys and Protocols or not.