Monday, November 24, 2008

The Put Upon Bush

It is possible that the (bush) revisionism program has already started. Journalist Leonard Pitts, Jr. notes a man named Shapiro who has published the opinion that the (bush) administration, and that capable, misunderstood man himself, have been slammed harder than they should have been. He must be able to point to some solid, beneficial governmental process that (bush) performed and it would be of some interest to find out what it is. The journalist, or course, feels compelled to recite the litany of wrongs (bush) has committed in his "reign of error." Is the country going to need to proceed to a season of justifications, recriminations, trials and appeals to nail down the facts? This is a time when the country really needs to get on with attempting to recover.

and, on a congratulatory note....

Doser's Distinction Dose: Bravos to the lawyers in the pending Oregon faith-healing cases who have reserved presentation of their cases for trial in the courts rather than trying them in the newspapers!


Robbie Seal said...

While I think some of the criticism of the President has been narrow minded and blinded by Bush Hate Syndrome, I think its a bit too early for anyone to claim that he is a victim in all of this.

One thing is clear, those that elected him for his conservative principles would not elect him today had they seen the lack of fiscal responsibility. His lack of leadership on this and a few other issues have been disappointing to say the least.

Atticus said...

Pat Robertson contends that George W. Bush was not elected and that he was appointed by God. The faithful will continue to praise him but most of the reporters are not part of his cult.