Saturday, November 15, 2008


November 15, 2008

The Sheriff of Washington County, Oregon, recently sent a letter to the 10,000 holders of Concealed Weapons Permits in that county. He inquired about a non-issue that he had created: whether the Permits had been sought for security purposes. Understandably, a brouhaha has developed.

Get on by the worry on why there are that many such permits in a suburban county of 500,00 people. And get on past why he'd stir up such a mess about a permit program that has gone on without many problems since before 1989. Don't fixate on the cost of the Sheriff's inquiry.
Push right on to speculate on the role of the NRA in this mess.
and in a more general vein......

The actual miracle is that The Doser is as normal as he is! His mother often, over his objection, cleaned his little face with her handkerchief moistened with her spit.

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