Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unique for us.

The Doser's Canadian friend, Angelo, sent a comment that was made by David Berreby and posted November 17, 2008. It referred to an article by Steven Erlanger, NYT November 11, 2008. Erlanger had lauded the uniqueness of O'Bama's election as an event that could happen "only in America." Berreby pointed to Disraeli, Bonaparte, Cem Ozdemir, Fujimori, Sonia Gandhi, Roman Emperors Philippus, Septimius, Severus Diocletian - just to mention a few. None of them were included in the expectable-electable group. The Doser agrees with the Berreby correction of the excesses of the Erlanger article but adds: O'Bama's break-through was a biggie for those in the US who resent black bigotry. It was solidly unique for us.

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