Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grendel Withstands Censorship


Citizens of a Portland, Oregon, area school sought to force the school library to remove the book Grendel, by John Gardner, from circulation. They said it was too "explicit" for their teen-age child.

The Doser immediately wrote two haiku relating to his impressions of the current high school scene.

High School halls today
Seem quite like a grope-out at
The OK Corral.

Achieve low fashion!
A hemorrhoidal waddle -
The hanging pants look.


Robbie Seal said...

We wouldn't want those testosterone laden young men to get any dirty ideas while wearing their saggy pants... What would happen if they fell off their hips?

Having not read the book, I don't think I can weigh in on how explicit it may be, but at this point in their lives, I would just be happy they COULD read it.

Daily Doser said...

More likely to happen in other places than in a class-room reading Grendel. JiMcG