Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stevens' Swan Song

Corrupt former US Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, is expected to appear on the US Senate floor to perform his swan-song: bid adieu to his former associates. The Doser wonders if he will offer to disgorge some of his ill-gotten gains.

and, in a confidence-building mode.....

President Elect O'Bama asked that roving Dem. Joe Lieberman not be smashed too hard for his intransigence. That's an example of the sort of things we hoped for from our next President.


Robbie Seal said...

Adios, Teddy... No need for "Leaders" like him, no matter what side of the isle he sat on.

Daily Doser said...

He went home to Texas, landing at the Ted Stevens Int'l. Airport in Anchorage. From which he proceeded to the corruption castle he's built.