Saturday, November 15, 2008

One destiny.

November 12, 2008

The State of Oregon appears to be divided on the recently-formulated blue/red format: Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford areas blue, and the rest of the state red. Not good! ERC (Elders for Restoring Confidence) should monitor politicians on their conducts calculated to heal that schism.

and on a more trenchant note ...

The Doser is seeking a new hair-style statement. What is wanted is "retired symphony violinist." What has, at this time, been achieved is "poor homeless folk." Mrs. Doser is quite overwrought.


Sara said...

Can you characterize the style of the "retired symphony violinist"? I have a notion of the "homeless" look but am not sure what you're after. Any pix?

Robbie Seal said...

Give us a pic!!!